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Meet the Reivengers

They want revenge. They need revenge. They'll get revenge.

She won't have to win the game by herself
She won't have to win the game by herself
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

They came so close.

After all the work they did to save the country from certain destruction, the Seattle Reign came up just short. Now this year, their quest is to undo the damage and come out victorious in their Secret Wars. Many universes have come separated and come together since FC Doom City split the world apart in their NWSL Final victory last year. These changes have both weakened the heroes and made them much, much stronger.

Now, the Reivengers are faced with perhaps their best opportunity to end the terror inflicted on them by their greatest enemy. On Thursday, two sides will face each other on the bones of another vanquished foe. It will decide the past, the present, and the future.

Solo - Ivy

Plant two big trees with a wall of thorns (not those Thorns) in front of goal, and just see what gets in. If Solo can't do the job for whatever reason, her henchwoman Harley Quinn (Kopmeyer) can fill in and do some good work.

Fletcher - Phoenix

When the WPS folded in 2012, Fletcher disappeared off the face of North America (presumed dead). Then in 2014, we learned she was alive and more powerful than ever before. Seemingly possessed by an extraterrestrial force, Fletcher's powers make her perhaps the best defender in the league, and indeed the known universe.

Cox - Wasp

Cox is a founding member of the organization, and with the recent movie deal she may be bigger now than she's ever been. Even having a child can't keep Cox from doing her duty as one of the most important Reivengers.

Corsie - Invisible Woman

This defensive specialist simply doesn't get the credit she deserves for her work and ability. This counts doubly for opposing offenses, who almost seem to not see her coming.

Barnes - Shadowcat

Lauren Barnes may be among the youngest Reign players on the starting lineup, but that only underlines her incredible talent so early in her career. Seemingly able to become intangible at the drop of a hat.


Like with Fletcher, Winters-oldier Keelin Winters disappeared for many years after the fall of the WPS. After spending some time playing in a former axis power, Winters returned home. Good to her friends, and a nightmare to her enemies.

Yanez - Wonder Woman

In 2014, Yanez was the only player to play in every game throughout the season. Once again in 2015, Yanez was a consistent, necessary attacking talent who contributed her fair share to the Reign attack.

Little - Captain Marvel

Considered the most powerful person in the universe, Little is simply unstoppable when she sets her mind on something. The more effort the opponent puts in, the more she shoots out. When the game is on the line, you can count on Little to save the day.

Fishlock - Red Sonja

There may not be a tougher, more potent player out there than Jessica Fishlock. No one touches her, and those who do regret it. Even out of the central midfield, Fishlock has proven to be among the most potent weapons in the NWSL.

Mathias - Squirrel Girl

She isn't as famous as some of her superhero friends, but has gone ahead and beaten the best of them anyway. Most of her time is spent doing the less flashy work, But who else can claim to have single-handedly downed the Devourer of Worlds?

Rapinoe - Storm

It's amazing to watch Megan Rapinoe's control over the elements. Every ball she crosses curves just the way it's supposed to. You think that rain in the Houston match was by happenstance? How naïve... Her experience and success have made Rapinoe a natural leader, one worthy of an NWSL title.

Here's to the Reivengers. May the superheroes come away victorious tomorrow.

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