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Hay fe and nine other ways to support Sounder at Heart

There is shirts

One hoodie, two RoValks shirts, seven other SaH shirts available.
One hoodie, two RoValks shirts, seven other SaH shirts available.
Sounder at Heart Store

Sounder at Heart's latest shirt is a take on "hay fe" the Spanish phrase made popular by the Román Torres saga that translates to "there is hope."  The phrase also uniquely captures our state of being right now. We need hope; we need faith. And there it is within us. This shirt is available in men's and women's cuts from $19.19 to $26.99 depending on quality, cut and size. There is also a charge for shipping & handling.

hay fe shirt

It's starting to get chilly, so you may be looking for a hoodie. "This is our Sound" remains available in an economy version at $40.99 to $42.99 depending on size (S&H costs are in addition.)

This Is Our Sound Economy

If you want something to support Ride of the Valkyries they have two shirts.

There are also several Sounder at Heart shirts still around from previous seasons. All shirts through our Gameday Depot store are print-on-demand, which minimizes inventory needs for them and helps you get the item you want when you want it.

Shortly we will be adding kids sizes to the RoValks line. If that does well, like the women's cut does, it will be added for most of our items.

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