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MLS Mock Draft 2016: Sounders will take CM depth

The SBNation mockdraft has the Sounders taking a Husky, a Cavalier and a guy you haven't heard of in the first two rounds. All three would make an impact in some form with either the 1st Team or S2.

Yes...Moberg was on the Timbers U-23s
Yes...Moberg was on the Timbers U-23s
Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

As part of MLS Superdraft fever, it's a thing: SBNation blogs held a mock draft. The MLS Draft Combine is marching on with a few players to note for the Sounders but with the first pick not till #15, expect he Sounders to miss out on the consensus top players and GA's this year, but take a look at who Seattle would pick from this year's mock draft. I played the part of the Sounders FO, and while I think Garth will definitely make a trade again this year, no trades were allowed.

Sounders, as of right now, will pick once in the first and twice in the second (the only rounds in this mock draft) starting at pick #15 and then #27 and #35 in the second round.

Pick 15: James Moberg, CM, University of Washington-

Garth goes to a Husky again. This year it isn't because he's new and doesn't know the roster, coaches or scouting staff yet but because he got to see Moberg first hand. The CM is versatile in the center of the park and could play immediately if needed. Moberg is more of a traditional box-to-box player and would play a lot like Brad Evans when he came to Seattle. As the partner to an aggressive CDM like Ozzie, but can also play that role. He has familiarity with the roster and specifically Cristian Roldan, a likely CM partner in USOC play. The ability to play either position is what also makes him a great fit for the Sounders in a three man midfield. While he isn't the best midfielder in this class, he is the best fit for this roster and should fall to 15. I wouldn't be shocked to see fellow Husky, Josh Heard, follow in the 3rd/4th round as well.

Pick 27: Todd Wharton, CM, University of Virginia-

There's no denying it, we need more CMs. Whether we play a three man midfield, stay in a 4-4-2, or move to a 3-5-2 (this is not a thing that we think will happen) the Rave Green need more CMs, especially young and versatile ones. Wharton is a bit more attacking than Moberg and unlike Roldan, he played as some form of a CAM in college (mostly in a style like the attacker in a bucket 4-4-2 or the "CAM" in a 4-1-3-2). The best comparison is a modified version of Erik Friberg and Roldan. He's an attacker and could be deployed on the wing. He isn't the best fit in a 4-3-3, but depending on how we deploy the midfield triangle, he may be perfect for it. In any case, Wharton should be a 1st round pick, if he falls this late, he's a steal. Also helps that Wharton is on Junior Gonzalez is coaching his combine team.

Pick 35: Chris Hellmann, ST, Lynn University-

If you don't know who he is, no one really did till the combine. One of the oldest players at the combine at 23, the native German from the tiny Lynn University in Boca Raton was a late add. But he's shown up in flying colors, two goals on day one and team high shots on day two. He's a fairly traditional #9 and the Sounders need depth there. I don't see him making the first team this year but it would be a smart choice to draft and stash him at S2. He likely won't have a contract so drafting to get his rights and then playing him in the USL for a season would be a good idea. While this guy was likely a 4th round pick if even a draftee, his strong showing in combine matches (including his two goals against Gonzalez's Team Ace) will lead to a stock jump and has probably made him a 3rd round pick, if not a 2nd rounder. This pick I admitted was a stretch but the Superdraft is always full of reaches and I see one here.

I think Moberg and Wharton could see Roldan/Rose minutes this year with the First Team while Hellman would be in a Craven style situation, good minutes with S2 and promotion if there were extreme injury hardships. All three would be good picks if they got them at these spots and while I expect Garth to trade and move picks around, I think the emphasis on CMs will be the highlight of the Sounders draft.

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