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We’ve got 2 days to convince Jordan Morris to pick Seattle

With the Sounders doing the low-pressure technique with a long-time friend, maybe it's time for fans to give the hard press to convince Jordan Morris to stay.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Here are 22 ways that Seattle Sounders fans can help convince Jordan Morris to don the Rave Green and roam CenturyLink Field in 2016;

  1. Even after Mercer Island loses its residents and workers exception to the I-90 Express Lanes, there will be a "Jordan Morris family and friends exception" so they can get home quickly.
  2. Local candy maker Boehm's Candies will make Gummy Jordans for your sideline snack.
  3. All beers in CenturyLink will be ordered by saying "I'd like a Morris."
  4. A massive donation to cure T-1 Diabetes will be made in your name.
  5. The bus route that runs from Starfire to CenturyLink will be renamed "Jordan" from the mediocre 150.
  6. We'll stop making Jordan crying memes, because we know you've replaced Micheal as the famous Jordan.
  7. You can pick three friends to play for S2.
  8. A flamethrower will be installed at your house. It will go off when ever you come home.
  9. Amazon will test drone deliveries to your home.
  10. Any fan charity events will be changed to XXX presented by Jordan Morris.
  11. Joe Roth will put you in The Huntsman 3: Destroying Bremen.
  12. Can we interest you in a fine set of pillows and mattresses? Maybe some museum quality framing? Do you like 'za?
  13. Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Laura Hall and Wayne Brady will perform at your next birthday party. Drew Carey can't make it.
  14. You can raise the 12th Man Flag whenever you want.
  15. Wizards of the Coast will make a custom Morris card.
  16. You have your pick of jersey number, except for 2 and 9. Those are taken.
  17. You seem to enjoy scoring against Mexican teams. Seattle will offer more opportunities to do that.
  18. All national sports broadcasts will include a scene-setter of you throwing the fish at Pike Place Market.
  19. We're pretty certain you'll get your own custom character from local video game companies.
  20. A special hot chocolate will be created called "The Morris."
  21. Hugo and Jeremiah will take you on a tour of the best taco places throughout King County.
  22. You can design the next third kit.
*The number 22 was chosen because that's the total amount of minutes of World Cup Qualifying the much-hyped prospect has with the United States National Team. You can come up with many more reasons, but don't @ him. That's just rude.

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