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Zach Scott remains Man Marker, Legend

He has made his mark against some of MLS' finest players - Brek Shea, Brad Davis, Seb Le Toux, Steven Lenhart and a whole lot of Timbers. This is why he's first in our hearts and will remain forever a Sounder.

Likkit, photo from Mike Russell

Over the years Zach Scott has had some special moments. He earned the nickname "Zach Scott:Man Marker" for his performance against Brek Shea, but he was more than that. He was a destroyer, riding the edge of caution, ending opponent attacks. He is Zach Scott: Man Marker, Legend. This is a compilation of his greatest hits.

Zach Scott fantasy poster Likkit

When hope is lost and goals are needed, his head is there;

Zach Scott header vs Galaxy

When you think he's gone too far, he'll explain that he didn't do anything wrong;

SSFC vs RSL 053114

When you think you're fast, but a guy playing without an ankle and a knee catches you;

Sounders vs Quakes 051714

When you're dirty, but not dirty enough;

Zach Scott FIFA 15 cover

When two feet collide;

SFC vs FCD 061315 - Zach Scott explosion

When you try to lead a counter-attack and you cannot win a header in midfield because the under-6-foot-tall center back destroys you;

SSFC vs PDX 042615 - zach scott hops

When you're supposed to be a good dribbler, but a guy who barely made the 2009 roster picks your pocket;

SFC vs FCD 061315 - zach scott slide compilation

When you're Portland

sounders vs timbers 08/24/14

you just got Zach Scott'd.

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