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Somehow the Marco Pappa stabbing story keeps getting weirder

Al Bello/Getty Images

As if the whole Marco Pappa-was-maybe-stabbed-by-a-beauty-queen story couldn't get any weirder, TMZ has now managed to get photos and a copy of the 9-1-1 call that surrounded the former Seattle Sounders midfielder's trip to the hospital. Notably, the report confirms the stabbing incident occurred on Dec. 17, two days after Pappa's trade to the Colorado Rapids was announced.

While notable, that's probably the must mundane detail to be unearthed.

Stormy Keffeler refers to herself as Pappa's girlfriend, and she apparently told the 9-1-1 operator that she had an accident at his apartment. The story eventually turned into neither claiming to know what happened and Pappa telling police that Keffeler was not who attacked him.

Meanwhile in the apartment, police found a bloody knife with a trail of blood leading to the bathroom. They found stab marks in the wall and blood splattered all around. The photos reveal a pretty messy scene.

As if all of that wasn't weird enough, Pappa also told police that his brother, Jose, was at the apartment. The brother, though, has been telling Guatemalan media he wasn't there.

The investigation is ongoing and no one has been charged with any crime. Still, this promises to get weirder, and the Sounders are surely happy to know that this is clearly not their problem.

In any case, Pappa seems to be settling into his new Colorado home and there's no sign that his girlfriend made the trip.

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