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Sounders among global giants in fantasy kit collection

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Give the designs this: They definitely qualify as fantasy.

Fantasy kit designs are definitely a mixed bag. When they at least have some sort of theme, they can be interesting. But done merely has a creative outlet? Very much a “your mileage may very” situation.

That brings us to the crop of designs done by someone going by settpace on Instagram. What’s probably most notable is that he bothered with the Seattle Sounders at all, as it appears to be one of only two MLS clubs he mocked up. And he did two!

This one was pretty solid:

Adidas x Off-White Inspired Football Kit Concept for Seattle Sounders by @SETTPACE . What jersey should I do next?

A photo posted by MARLON | SETTPACE (@settpace) on

It at least has some connection to the club and is at least within the realm of plausibility.

The other one? Not so much:

But seriously, would you consider buying either of these?