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Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas: Highlights, stats, and quotes

“The team is determined. The coaching staff is determined. We want to make sure we push ourselves over the line in a positive way.” -Brian Schmetzer

Sunday’s 2-1 loss in Frisco, Texas was disappointing on many levels, but the Sounders also showed they are very capable of getting a results away from home against one of the top teams in the West. That is, of course, something they’ll need to continue to do if they want to make any postseason appearance last for more than a match or two.

The players are certainly aware that Herculez Gomez’ goal was wrongly disallowed, and they seem determined, just as their coach says, to return to Seattle and make a strong finish next week.

Maybe they feel they’ll get another crack at the Texas team in the MLS Cup playoffs. That’s far from certain after this weekend’s results.

Seattle Sounders FC are now 5th in the West, with 45 points. A 13-14-6 record gives them 1.36 points per game.


Seattle Sounders FC 1 - FC Dallas 2

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Venue: Toyota Stadium

Referee: Mark Geiger

Assistants: CJ Morgante, Logan Brown

Fourth Official: Ted Unkel

Attendance: 14,468

Weather: Sunny and 88 degrees


SEA - Nico Lodeiro 41'

DAL - Maximiliano Urruti 79'

DAL - Carlos Ruiz (Mauro Diaz, Carlos Gruezo) 89'


DAL - Carlos Gruezo (caution) 40'

DAL - Maximiliano Urruti (caution) 45'+1'

SEA - Tyrone Mears (caution) 57'

DAL - Michael Barrios (caution) 90'+7'


Seattle Sounders FC - Stefan Frei; Tyrone Mears, Román Torres - captain, Chad Marshall (Zach Scott 63'), Joevin Jones; Cristian Roldan, Erik Friberg, Alvaro Fernandez (Aaron Kovar 74'), Herculez Gomez (Oniel Fisher 88'), Nico Lodeiro; Jordan Morris

Substitutes not used: Tyler Miller, Tony Alfaro, Michael Farfan, Darwin Jones

Total shots: 7 (Lodeiro/Fernandez, 2)

Shots on goal: 3 (Lodeiro, 1)

Fouls: 14 (Fernandez, 3)

Offside: 2 (Gomez/Morris, 1)

Corner-kicks: 2 (Lodeiro, 2)

Saves: 3 (Frei, 3)

FC Dallas - Chris Seitz; Atiba Harris, Walker Zimerman, Matt Hedges, Ryan Hollingshead; Carlos Gruezo, Kellyn Acosta (Victor Ulloa 36') (Carlos Ruiz 77'), Mauro Diaz, Tesho Akindele (Mauro Rosales 67'), Michael Barrios; Maximiliano Urruti

Substitutes not used: Jesse Gonzalez, Aubrey David, Norberto Paparatto, Getterson

Total shots: 14 (Urruti, 4)

Shots on goal: 6 (Urruti, 2)

Fouls: 15 (Gruezo, 3)

Offside: 3 (3 players, 1)

Corner-kicks: 2 (Diaz, 2)

Saves: 3 (Seitz, 1)


Seattle Sounders FC head coach Brian Schmetzer

On how the team will respond after a tough loss…

We’re a tough team. I’m not concerned about the team ducking their heads, dropping their shoulders, because it didn’t happen after the Portland match that we lost. It’s not going to happen after this match. We’re going to have a full week to prepare, and we believe in the way we train. The players believe. We’re just going to watch the film, figure out what went wrong in key moments and make sure we’re ready for RSL.

On his emotions during the roller coaster of the match…

Determined. Just like the players. The team is determined. The coaching staff is determined. We want to make sure we push ourselves over the line in a positive way, so that’s the best word I can come up with. There’s no we throw our hands up and we quit. There’s no emotional outburst that causes us to lose our focus in what’s happening in front of us. It’s just we’re determined to make sure the team is prepared to win games.

On what led to the FC Dallas goals in the second half…

I told my team that we can’t give up any unnecessary free kicks around the 18-yard box because Diaz puts in a really good ball, and they’ve got some big guys in there. So, on that first goal, credit to them, credit to the ball, it was a tough ball for (Stefan Frei) to handle. I think outside of that particular moment, that key moment in the game, I think we tried to keep a little bit of possession. (Jordan Morris) got through once, but then the wind kind of took the ball to the goalkeeper, whereas on a normal day that might have sat up for him. There were just overall a couple of key moments we could have done better in, and then just overall better possession higher up the field.

Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Cristian Roldan

General thoughts on the match…

We may have deserved a little bit more. We were fighting for our lives, defending but at the end of the day they pulled it off and pushed forward. They scored one good goal, I thought, and one that we could have done a little bit better.

On the physicality of the match…

You see on the field how intense it gets. You know, I think a lot of the guys were fighting towards the end and getting to crunching tackles and that’s what this game is about. The grass was a little bit hard and it was a hot game, so it wasn’t going to be the prettiest… We played our game plan pretty well up until the second goal came.

On the result…

We played our game plan. We could have had two goals, but the ref called one back so we have to just win against RSL and make the playoffs. At the end of the day [FC Dallas] scored two, we scored one and they beat us. At home we possess the ball a lot more and we attack and we’re a little bit more creative, so RSL will probably sit back a little bit more, counter and we hope to score more than one goal. We have to prepare for that match now. They have good players that can finish any opportunity at any point in the game. We have to be alert just like this past game where good players can hurt you.

It’s difficult, at the same time we have something to play for in our next game so we have to stop thinking about this game and look forward to the game against RSL. That’s a positive because RSL is more important than this game at this point, so we have to just look forward and at the end of the day defend better and score more.

Sounders FC forward Hercules Gomez

On needing a win to get into playoffs…

We are very conscious of where we are and we still have a lot to play for against a very good team. We kind of control our destiny, so let’s rest up, refocus, regroup, come together and put it all for that game. It’s the final match. There’s no tomorrow. If you don’t win, it doesn’t matter if you play well, play ugly, how it goes in, how many go in. It is three points that will put us on the other side and the playoffs is a different season all together. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in. You have just as much of a chance as everyone else, so we’re looking forward to next week.

On today’s match…

FC Dallas is a very good team. They’re fighting for the Supporters Shield for a reason and this is a very difficult venue, very hard field, bumpy and weather conditions, but we played against very quick and intelligent footballers.

On his goal that was called back by the referee…

The sad thing is it doesn’t matter what I think. It was a legit goal. Their players run into their keeper, the ball pops up, it’s on the line for me, I finish it and he calls a foul. Unfortunately, it’s what he saw, what he thinks he saw. I don’t have the luxury of video replay right now.

What was the team thinking when you were up 1-0 at halftime?

You’re thinking about the three points. You’re thinking, ‘let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.’ With a team that’s so dangerous, that’s got so many talented players on the ball, intelligent, fast footballers… You don’t have the luxury of not finishing plays off and have them come back down and transition. They’re dangerous when you allow them to do that.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the match…

We’re leading the league again. It was a very difficult game. I thought it was very obvious that we were not sharp. In the first half, the game was very rocky for both teams. I don’t know if the weather, the wind or something took an effect on the game, but it was not what the teams wanted. But, with the goal that we gave up on the free kick, it started waking us up. It brought us back to the rhythm, and the second half was pretty much like (normal) us. Despite all the friction that we received and contacts that resulted in injuries, our players were able to keep pushing and they were rewarded at the end with a goal from someone who has been brought to this team to score that kind of goal, and hopefully many more.

On Carlos Ruiz…

Carlos is naturally a goal scorer. He scores goals. In training he has been working hard. We went away from putting him in exhaustive training or fitness training. We know that Carlos came to help us in moments like this so we put him in front of the goal regularly in trainings, just saving his energy for those key moments, and tonight was a good example.

On what motivates the team for comeback wins like this…

We try to help them from the sidelines. It’s our job, but the character of the group and the resilience they have had during the season are incredible. I respect them. I admire this group of players. It is a privilege for me to see them fighting for every single ball in every single minute. For me, it’s easy to coach them. It’s just some ideas, but the execution is all players. Tonight was a good example of it.

On veteran leadership of Mauro Rosales and Carlos Ruiz…

They are players made to come in at key moments and change the course of games. They may not have 90, 100 minutes, or be playing constantly, but we have been using their brains and their experience. They are what we needed with this young group. They have brought experience, ideas, commitment, and one more time, tonight was a good example of their roles with this group. It’s not easy for players like them to be sitting on the bench waiting, and they have done a terrific job.

On Mauro Diaz’s injury…

I’m waiting (to learn more), but we need to protect players. The friction tonight was too much. It is sometimes not tangible, it’s not something you can see, but it’s one after another after another, and then you pay the price.

On Kellyn Acosta’s injury…

We will wait to be accurate and precise with the information.

FC Dallas forward Maxi Urruti

On playing with Carlos Ruiz…

He is a very experienced player. It’s like having Ronaldo as far as experience. It’s great to have him here with all that I can learn from him. We were both able to score goals tonight. Hopefully we can keep it going.

On playing two games in the next week…

The team is strong. We’ll try and keep it going like we have all year. We have two difficult games left, but we’re going to try our best to win both games. The team is strong.

FC Dallas forward Carlos Ruiz

On scoring his first goal of the season at the most important time…

I am very happy. I am glad to be here. This is a miracle. I am a believer. To be 37 years old and to still be playing here is unbelievable. It was a great feeling being able to help my teammates. I am part of the best team in Major League Soccer. I was waiting for my opportunity. I was trying to keep my level up because the level here in MLS is different… I am coming from playing the last two years of my career in Guatemala. It is so different here. I am here to help. Sometimes I am not going to play. Sometimes I am going to play a little bit. The whole reason for me being here is to try and help.

FC Dallas defender Ryan Hollingshead

On Carlos Ruiz scoring an important goal…

He is a goal scorer – in big moments, in big games. He has been in these moments before. When that ball came over the top, you know he is going to do something with it, put it on target. It was just a clinical finish… Just brilliant.

On the physicality of the match…

I think there were a lot of late tackles or tackles where guys were coming through the man to get the ball… especially on our No. 10 and our playmakers. That is for sure tactical on their part. They’re not doing that on accident. It’s game plan. That is the part our coaches or us as a team, we’re just trying to protect our players and that is ultimately the goal of the referee. It falls on them. It is way too hard of a thing to call. It happens so fast. So I’m not going to blame it on the referees, but that is their job. Anywhere in the entire world, their job is to protect the players and make the game run smoothly. It looks like we may have picked up a few injuries in this game because of late tackles, guys getting crushed by players trying to go through them to get to the ball. At some point that needs to be stopped.

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