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80s nostalgia and brief nudity? What else could you want in a Tacoma Stars promo

Yes, that’s Elliot Fauske singing “What a feelin’, keep believin’” while in the shower.

The Tacoma Stars reject your notions of modern fun. They refuse to acknowledge that they are a suburban team, embracing their roots in the City of Destiny. Most of all, the Tacoma Stars want to remind you of simpler times, fun times, good times. They want to remind you of that feeling you get when a goal is scored and the arena starts rocking.

What a Feeling powers not just their promos, but their keeper.

Well, I hear the music

Close my eyes, feel the rhythm

Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

What a feeling

Being's believing

I can have it all

Now I'm dancing for my life

Bring on 1983 on TV hits like The A-Team, Reading Rainbow, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Webster. Or maybe you enjoyed movies like Return of the Jedi, Flashdance, WarGames and Mr. Mom. The musical hits of the day were Karma Chameleon, Billy Jean and Irene Cara’s original video for Flashdance’s “What a feeling.”

More notably for the Tacoma Stars 1983 opened the Tacoma Dome. It hosted David Bowie and Billy Graham and the original Stars who went 22-26 missing the playoffs averaging 5,322. That was the final year of the NASL Sounders (12-18, with 8,181 in attendance, also missing the playoffs).