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Even Simon Borg agrees: Gomez’s goal should have counted

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This won’t come as a huge surprise.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is unlikely to make anyone feel remotely better about Herculez Gomez’s waved off goal from Sunday, but we can now take some level in solace in the knowledge that even Simon Borg thinks the goal should have stood.

Whether or not the goal would have ultimately changed the outcome of the game is, of course, still very much open for debate as it was quite early in the match. As we know, the Sounders still managed to score the first goal — on Nicolas Lodeiro’s well taken free kick — and it’s quite impossible to say if that would have happened had Gomez scored.

What’s more at stake than the outcome of the game, at this point, is the integrity of the officials. The more you watch this replay, the more frustrating it becomes. As Borg points out in his commentary, if anyone is committing a foul here it’s probably Chris Seitz. What’s doubly frustrating is that this is a very similar play to the one that led to Real Salt Lake beating the Sounders earlier this year. In that game, Jameson Olave was effectively allowed to go through Tyler Miller to attack the ball.