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Seattle Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake: Community player ratings form

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A little banged up, missing a DP, against some pretty long odds, the Sounders have made their way to the playoffs, and even earned a home knockout match. But this last match made things a little more nervy than they needed to be, thanks to an immediate tying goal early on gave RSL hope.

So how did the individual players fare in this one? Erik Friberg stepped back into a more defensive central role, while Cristian Roldan pushed up the wing in the attack, and made things difficult in the box (even earning a goal for his trouble). Alvaro Fernandez finally found the back of the net in his second stint as a Sounder. Brad Evans made his return to lock down a narrow victory.

Your last ratings form of the 2016 regular season is here, just waiting for your clicks. Don’t leave it disappointed!

Here's the scale:

(Substitutes can be left blank if the player did not play enough to judge)

1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance

4 - average USL starter

6 - average MLS starter

9 - MLS All Star

10 - MLS MVP-quality performance