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ECS started making tifo before playoff qualification

It was a rather significant risk, but it paid off nicely.

Seattle Sounders vs. Sporting KC: Photos Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

It’s often easy to take big tifos for granted. Seattle Sounders fans come to big games almost expecting them and are sometimes a little disappointed when there isn’t one. Despite only qualifying for the playoffs a few days earlier, ECS managed to come through on Thursday with a rather impressive display of a phoenix rising through the red line of the playoffs (picture above).

How did they pull it off? Apparently they made the bold decision to design and start constructing it before playoff qualification had been assured and then finished on Monday, according to their explanation of it:

While aggressive, we decided to start work on this display at the same time as we did “Mahalo Zach”. We finished roughly half of it as we were unable to complete production yet. We did not yet know who would make the playoffs and who would be on the outside looking in.

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