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Major Link Soccer: Toronto had previously eyed Nico Lodeiro

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Seattle's Gem had been the apple of the Red's eye, even during their pursuit of Sebastian Giovinco.

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With the treble still in play, FC Dallas must adapt their playing style to accommodate Mauro Diaz's absence. Their squad gets their first test in adaptability this Sunday, as they face the Sounders in the rubber match of a back and forth regular season series.

On the other side of the playoff bracket, the LA Galaxy look to be getting reinforcements for their matchup versus Colorado, with Steven Gerrard potentially ready to give it a full go.

While many of Sports Illustrated's experts highlighted Toronto and LA as dangerous semifinalists, Alexander Abnos noted that the Sounders are on the kind of roll that has catapulted many teams to the Cup.

As their season concluded, many Philadelphia Union fans called for the end of the Jim Curtin era, but the Brotherly Game thinks that the issues the team face will not be resolved through a manager change necessarily.

A familiar, wonderful face for Sounders fans was also on Toronto FC's radar. Even during their pursuit of Sebastian Giovinco, Nicolas Lodeiro wasn't far from the Red's mind.

Minnesota United's move to MLS is manifesting in several ways, with the players and supporters bidding farewell to their stadium today.

The Washington Post argues that the key to bringing more excitement to MLS playoffs is to extend the series further, akin to other major American sports.

The television audience for MLS has grown significantly, in part due to their national broadcast partners showcasing the league in more prominent time slots.

United States:

The Beautiful Game facilitates beautiful things, with this familial connection at Army West Point providing a great example of that.


University of Washington Men's Soccer has been full of potential in the recent seasons, but Handwalla Bwana's coud make him shine the brightest.

NWCN announced they will air their final broadcast in January.

The World:

FIFA has suspended the Guatemala Football Association.

The nuance of Argentinian Soccer extends beyond the field. Read up on the intricacies of the beautiful game via Unusual Efforts.