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The Agenda Is Victory

For Schmetzer; For Our Future

For Schmetzer; For Our Future

Fellow Sounders, friends,

Coming to CenturyLink tonight is a sentimental journey for me, as I'm sure it has been for many of you. We look to the rafters and see banner upon banner upon banner - Trophies won by great coaches of our past. But nostalgia isn't enough. The challenge is FC Dallas, now. It's time we stopped looking backward at how we got here.

Nostalgia has its time and place. The time and place is now. Right now, the gleeful memories of success can help to power us towards victory tonight. Right now, these stories of past wins can reach the unreached. History is not just behind us, it is our currency and energy towards a future of full stadiums and greater heights than we’ve ever reached.

We must ask ourselves how we can forge and wield a massive voice, unified in its love of Seattle, its love of the Sound, a voice of the Sounders. Together we are mighty, with more behind us we are thunder.

We are the backbone of this movement. We are two mountain ranges embracing the Sound. We are the tides, the waves and the water. We are songs and poems and primal screams. We are heard from Brougham to King, through the caverns of a modern city and across the vales of a beautiful region.

Tonight, the agenda is victory. There are as many as five games left, and victory makes that more likely than any other result. Tonight, we go all in, for the road is not a friendly place. Tonight, we have the opportunity to make history again, to become legends again.

Take a moment this evening - a few deep breaths to look upon those banners. Look at the signs of 1995, 1996, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014’s double. That is our nostalgia. That is history.

Our future is more than that. Our future can include 2016 among those storied years. We sing of ‘74, and with full voice this evening and a few more evenings we can sign of ‘16.

This year is a year that can be written about for decades, but it is up to you now. You must act. You must appeal to those around you to act. You must find your family, your friends, your neighbor. You must find your voice.

Then, together, all of us must declare to MLS - you will hear us.

This Sounders political speech inspired by Ronald Reagan’s remarks to CPAC in 1982.

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