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SNL’s Leslie Jones may have just fallen in love with Sounders

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What started with a fascination with soccer players quickly turned into a love for the Sounders.

UPDATE: Zach Scott has personally invited Jones to a match.

You may know Leslie Jones from her work on Saturday Night Live or Ghostbusters. You may remember how she fell in love with the Summer Olympics and eventually became the game’s ambassador.

Well, her latest fascination appears to be soccer, or more specifically the attractiveness of the players. One thing eventually led to another and now it appears she’s a Seattle Sounders fan. Here’s how it went down:

Many responded to her with suggestions, but this tweet seems to have really piqued her interest:

Now alerted, the Sounders were only too happy to stoke the fire.

Zach Scott, at least, may be willing to oblige...

And sure enough, it would appear that Jones will be checking out tonight’s game.

The Sounders’ bandwagon has plenty of room, and even if this is what it takes to get Jones on it she’s certainly welcome aboard. Maybe if the Sounders advance to conference semifinals, we’ll get a personal visit.