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Major Link Soccer: It's not goodbye

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Yedlin hurt, Morris playing a new/old position,and USL rules changes.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Before I get to the links (you can skip down below if you'd like) I want to tell a quick personal story.

I've been doing these links nearly five years now. While I've been doing Monday Links for a while, at times it has been two or three times a week. The first article I ever wrote for Sounder at Heart was this one, the first Links post, which was originally a once-a-week deal. Now we've got an entire crew working on them throughout the week. You all responded with your clicks and your valuable internet reading time, for which I'll always be thankful.

Now, I'll be taking the first significant leave of absence in that time. On Friday morning, I'm getting on a plane to Thailand and won't be coming back for nearly half a year. In that time, I'll be teaching English to a bunch of intermediate-level Thai students, getting paid to see the world and push myself in a way far beyond what I've ever done on my own before.

There are lots of people and things I'm going to miss while I'm gone, but the Sounders community is right at the top.

This may all seem melodramatic from someone who may be back in time for the home opener next season, but my Sounders fandom is tightly intertwined with my connection to the city of Seattle. Missing a potential Western Conference Final match because I'm "out of town" is going to hurt in a way that MLS Live can't fix (if it's even accessible in SE Asia?) And right now I'm completely comfortable predicting that the Sounders will host the Montreal Impact in MLS Cup. There's no nice way to say it; missing that is going to suck. Even if we get none of that, i'll be foregoing an important connection to my hometown.

I've been part of two newspapers in that period of time, but I learned more and became a far better writer as a member of the Sounder at Heart crew than I did from any single course or job I ever had. Having the opportunity to pick the brains of people like Jeremiah Oshan and the great Dave Clark have made me a better writer and my affiliation with this site has given me incredible opportunities I'll take with me to Thailand and beyond. Without Sounder at Heart I would never have had the opportunity to represent the fans on the Alliance Council or cover Spring Training from the sidelines. There's so many people I'd have never met, relationships that would have been left unmade.

Hopefully I'll be able to contribute from the other side of the globe. (Garth, if you need a scout in Bangkok I'm your guy.) Maybe when I come back there'll still be room for me in the vast and talented Sounder at Heart writer's pool. Until then, I hope to see you all in the reflection of a Philip F. Anschutz trophy when I return. To Dave, I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to write for this wonderful community you've created. To everyone else, thanks for reading.


We decide to let Newcastle take care of DeAndre Yedlin for a while, and look what happens! Yedlin sustained a second recent injury over the weekend, this time to his head in a win against Preston.

Brian Schmetzer liked the way Jordan Morris played as a wide winger in the 3-0 victory over FC Dallas, and it sounds like Morris did as well.

The Tacoma Stars started their season the right way with an 8-4 victory.

UW's Men's soccer team dealt Stanford their first conference loss of the year, and their first loss at home since 2014.


The New England Revolution had made the playoffs each of the last three years before coming up a point (or thirteen goals) short in 2016. SaH contributor Talgrath has started a series of Post-Mortem columns at Stars and Stripes and the five-time MLS Cup Runners-Up are the newest featured club.

The LA Times has noticed that certain MLS teams claim sellouts even with wide swaths of empty seats seemingly unclaimed. The problem isn't as bad as it used to be but it still creates a false impression of demand in some MLS markets.

In the latest Armchair Analyst, Matt Doyle praised the game of Eriq Zavaleta in helping Toronto to a 2-0 first-leg win over New York City FC.


In consistency with the rest of world soccer, the USL will now allow only three substitutes per game starting with the 2017 season. No more clown car benches. :(


If Vegas takes odds on European leagues adopting season-ending playoff tournaments, it's starting to look like safe money. David Villa appears to be in favor.

It's not the first time this chant has been done, but it never gets old either:

Tifo are hard. They require artistic ability and constitution and, perhaps most of all, organization.