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Cheat sheet for Sounders advancing to Western Conference Finals

Here is a nice little cheat sheet to look out to see how the Sounders can advance in this two-legged series

Steve Fenn - @StatHunting

In case you missed it or have been living under a rock since Saturday night, your Seattle Sounders put on a show Sunday night in Seattle. The 3-0 thumping of FC Dallas was a bit of a surprise to some people (not me) and the Sounders have put themselves in a good position to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

How good you ask? Well, according to Paul Carr of ESPN it’s a 94% chance to advance. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this tweet.

See, I would never play with your heart strings and lie to you.

With the Sounders up 3-0 at the halfway point, there are quite a few ways the Sounders can advance this coming Sunday in Frisco, TX.

Steve Fenn was kind enough to help us all out on the math. Take a look.

Steve Fenn Twitter - @StatHunting

Dallas knows they will need to score early and often as well as not allow the Sounders to score. We all know how important that away goal is for every team in the playoffs.

Sunday’s game should be fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.

For those interested in the rest of the matches around MLS as well, Fenn created cheat sheets for each playoff match-up.