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Nelson Valdez finally showed Aaron Kovar some love

After snubbing his teammate on Thursday, Valdez made sure to show him some love on Sunday.

Aaron Kovar has had a bit of an up-and-down season. After a somewhat promising start that saw him score his first career MLS goal and work himself into regular rotation, an injury slowed his progress and he’s struggled to get back into the 18.

But the low point of his season may have been after Nelson Valdez scored the game-winner against Sporting KC and kinda snubbed the Homegrown Player while celebrating. It’s hard to blame Valdez if he was a bit lost in the moment, being as that was his first goal in nearly a year.

Just to show there weren’t any hard feelings, though, Valdez made sure to give Kovar a big ol’ hug after scoring the eventual game-winner in Sunday’s game. Somehow a goalscorer remembering what was likely a team-wide joke in the midst of a celebration is a perfect encapsulation of how the team is feeling these days.

How do we know it was likely a team-wide joke? Just check out the reaction of assistant equipment manager Brett Johnson, whose laughter very much suggests this was no normal hug between teammates.

*We especially appreciate that the Sounders made note of this moment