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Jurgen Klinsmann sees "so much upside" in Jordan Morris

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USMNT manager also expects to have Clint Dempsey back for January camp.

Soccer: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying-Trinidad & Tobago at USA Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

With all the deserved hype surrounding Cristian Pulisic these days, it’s almost tempting to forget that at this time last year most of that praise was being heaped upon Jordan Morris’ potential.

It’s not that Morris’ play given much cause to lessen expectations, but he does seem to have been surpassed as the United States Soccer Savior. Maybe feeding into that has been his being left off the most recent Copa America roster.

Just in case you were worried Jurgen Klinsmann was starting to sour on Morris’ potential, he set the record straight after calling the Sounders rookie into the camp for a pair of upcoming friendlies.

“Jordan is one of our very promising strikers,” Klinsmann told the media on Wednesday. “It’s his first year in MLS and I think he’s impressed a lot. We keep working with him … we want him to mature, to complete his game, there still are so many areas where he can get better, but it’s encouraging because there’s so much upside. Hopefully he keeps growing and getting better and better.”

Klinsmann was also positive about the possibility of Clint Dempsey’s return, say he was hopeful to have the former USMNT captain in the January camp.

“We follow 100 percent of the advice and the direction of the Sounders to rest him for the rest of the season, get him all cleared by the medical staff there and we’re very positive about having him back, hopefully in the January camp, and taking it one step at a time,” Klinsmann said. “There are still a lot of positive thoughts about Clint coming back to us.”