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Roger Levsque’s “Scuba Diver” celebration is in FIFA 17

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It was apparently discovered by accident by a Reddit user.

It was way back in 2011 when Roger Levesque scored a goal against the New York Red Bulls, ran over to the ad boards at the endline, plugged his nose and took a plunge over. Seattle Sounders fans surely remember it well, and it did gain a degree of fame.

That celebration is about to get a whole lot more famous. Apparently the “scuba dive” is a “secret” celebration in EA Sports’ FIFA 17. It was recently discovered by Reddit user bizarrevan and it’s already been written up by such publications as the Mirror, who apparently have no idea where it even came from.

The only problem is that the guy who discovered it isn’t even quite sure how he made it happen.

I have no idea how I did it. But I think you just have to run to the advertising boards and they would just do a random celebration with it.

h/t Tyler Haggerty