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Nicolas Lodeiro follows the Way of the Winding Path

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He is one with water, flowing downhill finding open space.

Walking to the contested field I thought of the stories of this great one. He is a new, a visitor to our land. There are legends, but now we can see with our eyes. Where others use their strength and their power this Nicolas Lodeiro is cunning, crafty, slippery.

An inward thinker, he looks for perfection within self. Raised in a reclusive border town he focused on his art. That art set him on a path around the world — from The Handbags to The Lancers, to The Great Fire, to The Almighty, to The Half Plus One and now settling among The People of the Sound.

His travels, like his path on the field, flows like water. Obstacles are just boulders, around which the river moves. Goals are the end, as the mighty stream grows to river and then sound to ocean.

Movement is what defines him. It is not the movement of speed. It is the movement of the mind and the feet that can match it.

As water flows down hill, around the boulders that block the path Lodeiro flows through his enemies seeking the easy pasage.

The Way of the Winding Path is studied by those who see poetry in the rivers and waters of our lives. Their students are dedicated to arts that use feet in nimble actions, movements large and small. They seek and find space to operate.

This Lodeiro, he of Poseidon, is water. Calm, yet dangerous, there is not joy. Before the battle he wants peace. During it he wants as little conflict as possible. After the battle he rests.

Others may want music, excitement, passion. Those of the Winding Path follow a different route to success. It minimizes contact, and maximizes openings.

Few understand space and timing like those who control the water. It is possible that at higher levels, followers of the Way of the Winding Path control time. Lodeiro is displaying the earliest of these powers now.

He is tranquil. After a the finishing blow he communes with his father.

“The call is something I had with my father,” he said. “I played in Uruguay in Montevideo and he wasn’t always able to come to my games. A phone call was all we really had to connect us and really talk about the results on the field.”

It is fitting that this Sounder follows the Way of the Winding Path, emulating water. It is our water that defines us. It falls from the sky, flows from the mountains and settles in the Puget Sound, just as we do.

The Way of the Winding Path is a mix of magic, dexterous use of space and cunning wisdom. This monk joined the adventuring party at a higher level than their average. He is carrying them to success, and if all goes well the hidden chalice.

STR:10 | DEX:16 | CON:11 | INT:13 | WIS:16 | CHA:14

Level: 10, Standard Human, Monk: Way of the Winding Path. We used an Ability Score Improvement at Level 4 and took Inspiring Leader at Level 8.

The Way of the Winding Path is a custom Monk archetype for use in my custom world for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is not real. You can find the Basic Rules here, or head to your friendly, local gaming store to start playing. I have previously nerded out creating Jordan Morris as a Paladin.