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Major Link Soccer: Veterans Day / #DosACero edition

The road to 2018 begins. Meanwhile, World Cup 2022 will be alcohol-free. Also, what's going on with Javier Morales?

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Mexico returns to Columbus today in the first match of the big ol' hexagon that is CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. Here's what you need to know and what to watch for. We'll have a gamethread here later.

If you are lucky enough to be in Columbus today and looking for places to eat, drink, walk, see, and otherwise spend time, Massive Reports' Columbus survival guide is a good read. Even if you're not there now, you never know when you'll find yourself suddenly in Ohio.

Jermaine Jones says he once pulled aside Chicharito Hernandez at halftime and told him he was crying to the ref too much.

For the USWNT it was Ocho A Uno in San Jose as they cruised to victory in a friendly against Romania. Christen Press had a hat trick before halftime, so it was that kind of match.

Here's how some US national teamers reacted online to the US election. Yes, Michael Bradley's response is as measured and diplomatic as you would think.

The American Outlaws will be out in full force this evening, and they've released a statement in support of inclusivity and respect among their ranks. It reminds members of the changes to their code of conduct and explains how to report rule breakers.

With the U20 Women's World Cup about to kick off in Papua New Guinea, check out these roster previews from Top Drawer Soccer. They'll be providing coverage from a US perspective over the course of the tournament.

Major League Soccer

So, what happened at RSL with Javier Morales? He is most definitely out of the team, and he's not retiring. But apparently 'rumors' about why he is leaving are not true. He says he will hold a press conference today to clarify the situation.

Meanwhile, head coach Jeff Cassar is staying with the Utah team for the time being. Apparently he is on a 3-year contract with some performance-based stipulations. In the same interview, Cassar heaped praise on Javi Morales, but cited a need to 'move on.'

But wait! GM Craig Waibel says he doesn't know the situation with Morales -- only that they didn't have a great year-end meeting and they haven't heard what Javi wants to do. Well, I guess we'll find out today.

Bleram Dzemaili will be making the move to Montreal Impact and play for around 2-3 years in MLS, according to the player himself. It seems to be a matter of when and not if.

The Impact have passed the 40,000 mark for tickets sold to their half of the Eastern Conference final at Olympic Stadium.

Colorado's Jared Watts earned himself a fine for using his hands on the back of two Galaxy players' necks to push them during a confrontation in their semifinal match.

It's a double-edged sword to have such a long break between the conference semifinals and finals. It gives teams a chance to get healthy and prepare, but could it cool off a hot run of form or create an "over-preparation" situation? Here's the perspective from Toronto FC as they wait for Montreal.

Soccer America interviews USL President Jake Edwards on the future of the league, including its expanding relationship with MLS through affiliate teams.


Oh, have you heard? Our own Jordan Morris is Rookie of the Year. He's also Stanford's Jordan Morris, and they are pleased to feature his record-setting rookie season in MLS.

In case you missed Christine Nairn's return to the Reign after a trade with Washington Spirit for Havana Salaun and draft picks, here is the view from the other side of the trade.


The New York Times has an excellent feature on Mexican soccer players growing up near the US border, with opportunities to play in US or Mexican academies. The choice at an early age can shape their whole careers and lives.

If the choice is to stay in Mexico, maybe it's best not to become a referee. A referee died after being head-butted by a player he had just ejected from the match in Tulancingo, Hidalgo. Paramedics were unable to revive him and the alleged attacker fled after the incident.

The latest figure to answer US federal charges is former Venezualan soccer president Rafael Esquivel, who pleaded guilty to several charges in New York.

Alcohol won't be allowed in the stadiums or in the streets at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Dungeons & Dragons, first published in 1974, is now in the Toy Hall of Fame.

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