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The Protectinator: 2017 Edition

It's that time again. . . again. Pick the protected list you'd like to see from the Sounders for the 2017 expansion draft.

Here's a couple of guys who should be protected
Here's a couple of guys who should be protected
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

After a few years of respite from having our players stolen by grabbyhanded upstarts, it is once again time to say goodbye to a role-player or two (Editor's Note: Only one player may be selected from the Sounders via the Draft, though that doesn't foreclose trades relating to the draft), who will depart for the miserable mugginess of Atlanta or the miserable frostiness of Minnesota. And thanks to the Sounders' once unthinkable run to the Western Conference Final (and beyond..) we have to think about it before the season's even over.  As in years past, you can vote here for which players you'd like to see protected.

Seattle Sounders no longer have a Generation adidas player as Cristian Roldan and Damion Lowe both graduated from the program.Based on our best understanding of the rules, the Sounders don't need to protect and can't lose their 4 HGPs. And the Protectinator doesn't enforce the fact that Clint Dempsey and Nicolas Lodeiro almost certainly have no-trade clauses and are required to be protected. Also, it doesn't handle the rules for the number of internationals that can be protected, because those are complicated.

So with that said, make your picks:

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