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Meet the person who created “Jorstian Mordan”

You’ve probably admired some of Beth Mantle’s work without realizing it was produced by a high school student.

One of the goals of Supporter Stories is to highlight the contributions of every fan, while also pointing out the great diversity in our fan base. That diversity also comes in the form of age, as high school student Beth Mantle displays perfectly.

Beth not only runs Sounder at Heart’s Instagram and SnapChat accounts, but she’s also produced some of the more memorable two-poles you’ve seen in the Brougham End. Her favorite subject is Jordan Morris, with Cristian Roldan reliably coming in right behind.

Perhaps her greatest contribution to the Sounders fan zeitgest is creating the nickname “Jorstian Mordan.” Better known as “Queen of Cascadia” on here, she also created the Jordan Morris awards.

You can watch all of the Supporter Stories here, and we’ll be sharing a new video every Friday.

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