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CenturyLink Field converting back to soccer

No NFL lines will be on the field for Tuesday’s Western Conference Finals leg one (7 PM, FS1) against the Colorado Rapids.

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. Shortly after all the press conferences and locker room interviews their large media contingent started singing the tune that Seattle Sounders fans wanted - the NFL lines are disappearing.

The shared stadium and surface is why MLS will own Tuesday night on sports TV. ESPN has the Eastern Conference at 5 PM with FoxSports 1 carrying the Western Conference at 7 PM. Due to both the Sounders and TFC advancing football of the prolate spheroid variety bumped the league from a Sunday being overshadowed by the NFL and CFL. Toronto is hosting the Grey Cup so the Eastern Conference Final was moved to Tuesdays early in the season.

Now, the Sounders own a weeknight during Thanksgiving Week. Their chance in a conference final is rare. The ability to make MLS Cup is just a round away. They will spend their chances.

There will be no football lines. There will be 40,000+ of your closest friends. There will be rain. There will be soccer.

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