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Today, I have no voice

Because if I save my voice for later it may not matter.

Sounders vs. Timbers: Photos Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto

It started wet, rainy, cold - a rather typical Seattle autumn. We had hope. We had faith. We believed and so we marched for those that could not march. There were victories and victories and victories.

Today, I have no voice.

Brian Schmetzer was hired. He earned it by inspiring a team and fans to gather around the club. He calls it a unique relationship between the fans and the players. He claims to merely be a steward. He is more than that. Where we are and where we will be rests on his shoulders as much as it does anyone else’s shoulders.

Today, I have no voice.

We sang for those that could not. We clapped for those that could not. We chant and we scream and we take this rare opportunity because without our voice it may never happen again. Everything from August through November is a signal - the next game could be the last. If we didn’t use our voice then, we may not be able to do so in the future.

Today, I have no voice.

It was a Tuesday. As expected it was cold, rainy, wet. There were family events coming. Work demanded attention in the short week. But the noise... that noise was a demand that we all want more than what we have. We want a future full of bright and shiny things. We want a future where we helped pull each other to better places. It was a Tuesday and I sang.

Today, I have no voice.

Clad in greens, blues and blacks a mass surrounds me. It is forty-thousand strong standing on concrete, swaying in unison. We look to the South for a leader. We look to the field for inspiration. And we sing songs. We chant chants. We boom; we boom; we clap.

Today, I have no voice.

Because if I save my voice for later it may not matter. Our chance to influence, is now. Our chance to make change, is tonight. Without success this evening, the future is dark. We approach the crossroads in front of us, choose wisely and let the world know. Cause we love our Sounders, love the Blue and the Green, and we'll keep on singing, 'til the next victory.

Tonight, I lose my voice and you should lose yours.

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