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Open Flavor Thursday, and Happy Thanksgiving

Talk among yourselves, avoid family political arguments.

On this Thanksgiving Sounder at Heart offers you 11 ways to change the subject from politics to soccer family table.

  1. Ask them if Nicolas Lodeiro is the best #10 in Sounders history. Most have forgotten Freddie Ljungberg, so prepare to remind them about his Best XI performance in 2009.
  2. Provide a pronunciation guide for “Jorstian Mordan.
  3. Proclaim that Fredy Montero was lazy, but should still come back. This will twist them up a bit, but not the same way election talk does.
  4. Start a discussion about the best Homegrown Player that hasn’t played for the US National Team. That list is Sean Okoli, Aaron Kovar, Darwin Jones, Victor Mansaray, Jordan Schweitzer.
  5. Which “returning” Sounders is your favorite? Herculez Gomez, Erik Friberg, Alvaro Fernandez, Nathan Sturgis are this year’s choices, but feel free to get deeper with Lamar Neagle, Steve Zakuani and more.
  6. Threaten to burn the next Olympic White you see. If convenient drop it in the vat after you deep fry the turkey.
  7. Start tying scarves into an escape rope and then drop it out the window. Do not warn them. This is best when two uncles get deep into politics.
  8. Exclaim “Can you believe this rumor on Sounder at Heart?” and then show them the Clint Dempsey story from 2013.
  9. Suggest that Brian Schmetzer should have been hired to run both the US National Team and Seattle Sounders.
  10. Start a debate about the Sounder at Heart player ratings. “They should be based on the top leagues not an MLS average.”
  11. When the topic of the Electoral College comes up should “and this is why aggregate goal, away goal tie-breaking isn’t too difficult to understand!!!”

Enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Have fun talking soccer today.

This is your open thread. Discuss all things flavor, or anything else non-soccer, non-politics today. Open Flavor Fridays will return as a regular feature in December and last until the 2017 regular season starts.

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