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“Just enjoy this moment” - Brian Schmetzer

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Sounders will savor their accomplishment before focusing on the Colorado Rapids.

Perhaps for the first time in Seattle Sounders history “Sounders win away” was sung following a loss. But just because the game’s scoreline said FC Dallas won 2-1 didn’t mean the mood was dampened in the Sounders locker room as they earned advancement to the Western Conference finals following a 4-2 aggregate-goal victory.

The message from Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer to this team was simple: “Just enjoy this moment.” Yes, there’s still lots of work to do. Making the Western Conference finals was never the goal.

The Sounders now have more than two weeks to prepare for the Colorado Rapids, however, and they were, understandably, in no mood to change focus quickly.

This was a huge win. The Sounders deserve to live in the moment at least for one night.