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SaH championship celebration apparel

Surrounded by trophies the Seattle Sounders lacked one. On December 10th they won the MLS Cup. Celebrate with us.

This community does things together.
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It’s a powerful word. It speaks to community. Defining communities is hard, except in this case. In the case of the Sounders it is rather simpler - are you a person of the Sound? Do you believe in Seattle Sounders FC?

Yes? Then you are a champion. You hold a trophy in your heart if not your hand.

That’s together.

The turnaround from the bottom of the barrel to Champions is impossible to understand. It took so many things. It took you. It took belief.

Behind fans and players that believed they won the MLS Cup. You were heard. Together, you finished the quest. Together, we raised MLS Cup. Together the team won its fifth league title.

That’s the theme of our latest shirt and hoodie.

There was an error Saturday night that showed this item as out of stock. That was corrected.

We do things together. We are a community of the People of the Sound. We are a community of the Loud. We are Sounders, at Heart.

When down, we believe. When out, we shout.

There are hoodies and shirts. Buy them. They’re awesome. The represent the five league titles the Seattle Sounders won. They represent us. They represent finishing. They represent the quest for more.

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