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Make Evil Dempsey your own

Hoodie Kermit released the inner evil within you. Hoodie Dempsey releases the evil in soccer.

When reader Moohead showed use Evil Dempsey, it was asking for more. Clint Dempsey finally won an MLS Cup, but couldn’t play. Clint is a driven man. There’s little doubt that he wants to play in the Cup.

Moohead started the meme with the following.

Dempsey: Maybe I should take it easy and retire next season.
Dempsey to Dempsey: Come back and score 28 goals.

But there’s so much more that can drive who Clint is.

He’s a showboat. He carries a chip. He’s American. He’s a Sounder and he’s probably going to be back in 2017.

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