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Seattle bike officer hit by trolley during MLS Cup march

Was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injury

UPDATE: Zach Scott, Brian Schmetzer and a few others visited the police officer in the hospital and brought the MLS Cup.

The MLS Cup celebratory march went off with barely a hitch, as thousands of people lined the streets from Westlake Park to Seattle Center and the Fisher Lawn. There was at least one notable exception, though. A Seattle police officer was hospitalized after getting caught up under one of the trolleys that was transporting the players and team personnel.

One parade watcher caught part of the incident on cellphone camera:

There have been reports of a broken ankle and possibly a compound fracture.

It was not immediately apparent how the police officer ended up getting entangled in the trolley’s wheel. But the video does show other officers holding onto the trolleys as they rode and the incident appeared to happen as the trolley was turning.

The only other incidents from the march appear to have been a couple of arrests as people tried to board the trolleys.

Otherwise, the crowd seemed exceptionally well behaved as an impressive array of fans were able to show their support.

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