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Championship nostalgia starts with this Sounders mini-documentary

Interviews confirm it was super cold; replays confirm Stefan Frei made an unbelievable save.

If you’re like me, you’ve been consuming all the “Sounders win MLS Cup” content you can possibly find. But if time is a bit more of the essence and you need to be a bit pickier, I seriously can’t recommend many things more than this video by

The interviews with Brian Schmetzer, Brad Evans, Stefan Frei, Herculez Gomez and Jordan Morris appear to have been done either the night of MLS Cup or early the next day. Some of the more interesting stuff they say has to do with how cold it was. Evans talks about taking off his gloves and then running back to the bench and putting them back on and how there were little shards of ice coming off the ball while he and Gomez warmed up. Similarly, Frei notes that the field had been sprayed with water shortly before kickoff, which contributed to the icy ball.

The best part of the video, though, is showing multiple angles of Frei’s save, including one from field-level that illustrates the impeccable footwork it required. Frei had clearly taken a couple steps in the other direction and had to reverse his momentum. Frei even says there are times he wouldn’t have even bothered trying to get there, but was obviously glad he made the attempt this time.

There’s also a neat moment later in the video where Schmetzer is talking to Nicolas Lodeiro about the order of the penalties. Schmetzer had wanted Lodeiro to go second, but Lodeiro insisted on going fifth. It turned out to be a smart move as Lodeiro converted to keep the shootout going into the sixth round. Honestly, the whole thing is great and you should watch it from start to finish.

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