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Major Link Soccer: Tampa Bay could be Miami's MLS replacement

With the Miami situation continues unsolved, the established Tampa Bay franchise could be an intriguing 24th MLS team.

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Although he is wont to be a buzzkill on radio broadcasts, Kasey Keller gave "The Save" its proper due over the weekend, and said that it represents Stefan Frei's complete transformation into a top MLS keeper.

The Sounders' Cup celebration march was a microcosm of what it means to be a Sounder: supporting one club with tens of thousands of your best friends.

The Sounders remarkable run to MLS Cup was keyed by a lot of factors, their use of analytics among them.

Following the Sounders MLS Cup victory, Alan Hinton gave dues to the past and present manager at the helm: Brian Schmetzer.

Southwestern Washington's The Columbian gave the Sounders their grudging respect for the recent win, noting that adding the two most recent MLS Cups to the Cascadia rivalry will only serve to percolate Seattle-Portland matches even further.

The Sounders and Pixvana have teamed up for a VR video project, to be released in 2017.

Seattle's efforts to seek independent USSF registration have created a major schism between Washington Youth soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer.


The David Beckham-Miami situation has been a puzzling one for MLS expansion efforts since its inception, with commissioner Don Garber saying as much during his state of the league address last week. With the South Beach situation still tenuous, Tampa Bay and it's Rowdies fan base wait in the wings as a potential candidate for MLS team #24.

In addition to considering their expansion opportunities, MLS executives are reportedly mulling over how to tweak the postseason so as to reaffirm the value of the regular season.

Bruce Arena's return to the USMNT helm will bring, if nothing else, answers to some of more persistent questions that arose during Jurgen Klinsmann's controversial management of the senior team. Arena publicly answered one of them on Extra Time radio, telling them that two-thirds of the U.S. player pool will be from MLS.

The New York Red Bulls have been a mainstay in MLS, but their brand may give way to another familiar name in American soccer. After having once again destroyed a Cosmos team with poor finances, the ownership group is reportedly thinking of buying and rebranding the Red Bulls, ostensibly to see if they can bring a third soccer league to its knees.

The Timbers may be adding two players from Costa Rican side Deportivo Saprissa for the 2017 MLS season. Although already linked to David Guzman, they are reportedly adding left back Roy Miller from the club as well.

You've already read the many pieces of MLS cup coverage, but now read this direct account of watching the ultimate game from the overcrowded press box.

Top Drawer Soccer has your primer on the top senior prospects at the 2017 MLS Draft Combine.

In addition to the encouraging amount of growth happening within existing and expanding markets, MLS is also seeing positive growth in another key aspect of business: diversity.

The World:

Caro Jaramillo is the first female to play in Major Arena Soccer League, for Atletico Baja

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