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Nelson Valdez shows us, again, why he’s the king of social media

If raw emotion is what you’re looking for, make sure to give the Paraguyan lion a follow.

There are two kinds of “good” ways for athletes to operate their social media accounts. One type is clever and self aware. Brad Evans and Herculez Gomez most accurately capture this on the Sounders.

The other way is sincere and heart-felt. It can be tough, if only because it’s easy to fall into sappy and self-aggrandizing. Somehow, though, Nelson Valdez has managed to thread this needle. His Instagram was one of the first places we saw the Sounders’ post-victory locker room dancing and he’s often sharing what appears to be genuine emotion.

Valdez’s post-MLS Cup social media presence has been especially good, with this one really tugging at the heart strings.

If that video doesn’t make you feel ... something, well, you’re clearly beyond repair.

I don’t know if Valdez will be back in any capacity in 2017, and I suspect this will be a non-factor in determining how much value Valdez has against the salary cap. But Sounders social-media will have a massive hole to fill if he leaves.

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