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A trip down the rabbit hole of Sounders promos

It may be time for another sing-along.

If you’re like me, you’ve been fulfilling your hunger for Sounders content during these long stretches between playoff games by spending a totally reasonable amount of time on the internet.

Ozzie and Mauro
Ozzie and Mauro

I came across this amazing photo of my favorite player Ozzie and his buddy Mauro while ... what I was doing was none of your business! Curious about the source, I searched “Sounders Full 90” on Youtube and just like that- I’m down the rabbit hole of old content.

Here’s a Rick Steves-style version of my journey through these different promos. I thought if anyone was interested in going on the same trip you could at least watch out for some of my favorite spots.


I saved the best for first. Players and staff singing Perry Como’s version of “Seattle” which is better known to many as the song the Emerald City Supporters sing at the beginning of each home match (or the intro to Nos Audietis). Excellent performance by Zach Scott. Also, note GK coach Tommy Dutra not even trying to pretend he’s playing that guitar.


Kasey and Zach can’t wait to check out Cabo, Mazatlan, and some cool Holland America excursions. I wonder how this cruise went?


If you were looking for a date in 2011, apparently these guys were looking. My pick? Fucito, of course (Ozzie didn’t do one). If his boyish good looks and Tom Cruise smile don’t get you, wait until you hear his sick puns.


The awkwardness of these gameshow spots is borderline painful, but in a fun and hilarious way. Extra points on this one for Mauro giggles.


These are more recent, so you might remember the Sounders’ “Good Playoff Karma” campaign the same year we won the Supporters’ Shield. This one wins because of the way that Chad pops out from behind a corner in full kit.

Don’t forget about Rave TV extra! It might not be a promo but it’s amazing. Go down memory lane with these, especially this one where Brad reads Valentine’s Day cards from his secret admirers (teammates). Watch for Chris Henderson to straight up break his heart though around 1:20.


Finally, the promo that started it all. Back when it was okay to have four team colors, call them out in your jingle, and remind viewers that you’re playing the game to win. “Our style isn’t ballet with a ball, it’s 90 minutes, FLAT OUT.”

Even if watching one of these wouldn’t make you go out and buy a ticket, I like creativity. You never know what’s going to attract new fans and supporters to a team, and this stuff is just fun.

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