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Our adventure ends with monsters

Fantastic beasts, and how to beat them together.

The Fire Dragon

These monsters in front of us, this menagerie of destruction, they are the beasts that block us from greatness. They are the clouds of fear. Strong sinew binds them. Huge muscles threaten us. They are captained by polished wisdom, a wizard usually unappreciated.

These are monsters. But together, our band can triumph. This is what the tale demands of heroes. Our tale requires panache, spirit, good fortune and brave souls. Which is good, for that is what we are - a band of brave souls.

As we send off our best we know they will return. As we send off our best we know they are us. A few dozen on the contested field, many hundreds in their caravan providing voice and warmth, and us watching, waiting for word of victory or defeat.

When we wait at home, our rave green army traveling across frozen lands to take a chalice, there is little we can do besides hold faith, and hope. Our sisters and brothers must be our voice. Our men must be our shield and arms.

Facing the red dragons of the north, our men (we have a monk, twin paladins, a few fighters, a thuggish thief) they are clearly overmatched, underdogs.

But they have a quest, a legacy, a silvered cup - they will not fail for lack of effort. They will not fall through error of thought. If this journey is to end, it will end in fire. We will all burn as one. If this epic tale ends short of the goal, we will sing together.

And as the sky is falling down
It crashed into this lonely town
And with that shadow upon the ground
I hear my people screaming out

Those of you traveling, we will hear you. This is not a question. This is not a request. It is a known fact. Together, you will be heard. Those of you playing, we will see you. You are loved, adored and empowered. Your success is our success. Your hope, is our hope. It is a dream we hold in our hands and heads. Knowing that there are larger issues in the world you provide us warmth, joy and a community which is bonded forever in green, and a blue that shines eternally.

Our campaign, our adventures, ends facing monsters. They are bigger; they are stronger; they are faster.

They are not Sounders. We, the People of the Sound, are mighty. We, people of shale grey mountains, are mighty. We, people of pine, reach towards a heavenly sky. These monsters are just another obstacle to be washed over, to crumble, to quiver below our branches.

We will face the monsters. We will succeed. We will do so together.

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