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Major Link Soccer: Road to Gold starts today

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The USWNT kick off 2016 Olympic qualifying tonight in Frisco, Texas against Costa Rica.

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

U.S. Soccer

The USWNT kickoff their 2016 Olympic qualifier tonight against Costa Rica with a new look. Nine members from the 2015 World Cup winning team have departed and some new faces are primed to fill in.

National letter of intent day was last Wednesday, and it took a while to get things organized. Tuesday U.S. Soccer came out with their initial list showing 414 players from their development academies going off to college.

Camp is over and everyone has returned home, but what is the major takeaway from the first USMNT camp of the year?

U.S. Soccer is changing cutoffs from age to birth year; tryouts for this change in Washington State kick off on February 24 & 25 yet confusion about the change remains.


Jordan Morris has played nine times for the senior USMNT, but only has been paid for the two appearances in 2016. Morris couldn't collect a check in 2015 because he was still consider an amateur while in college.

If your interested in why Jordan Morris' elevation in the game came so quickly all you have to do is look at his moves, or movement off the ball.

Soccer in Washington State has deep roots in community driven leagues and programs. The EPLWA is no different and the people running it are the reason it stays strong.

Major League Soccer

D.C. United pulled off a trade on Tuesday sending Conor Doyle to the Colorado Rapids for a 2017 third round draft pick. The move clears a roster spot for a potential signing. Colorado might still have a trick or two up their sleeve.

We witnessed it last Sunday in the Super Bowl, defenses win championships. Does that same mantra transcend onto the soccer field? Here is a look at the last twenty years of MLS history.

MLS clubs are bushwhacking the overgrown path between the top level and its linked lower-tier league with increasing regularity, and as the USL grows so too will its uses from MLS’s perspective.

MLS has grown enough in stature that many Italian-based players are starting to see a move to the land of the red, white, and blue as lateral, or even preferable, to transferring to another Serie A outfit.

In the past a winter loan overseas to test one's mettle against the best players in the world was thought to be a good option. Now players in the MLS are staying home because as Steven Gerrard learned last year the travel, climate, and physicality of MLS is taxing on the body.

Steven Beitashour calls America his home and he plays his soccer in Canada with Toronto FC, yet on a national team level Beitashour is proud to play for Iran.

World Soccer

We have seen it before, things get out of hand and before you know it fisticuffs. In France over the weekend an off the ball incident turned into a ring side seat for the players on field.

If Leicester City continue their form they could stun the soccer world, but for one true fan it would be a windfall of good fortune since he bet on them when they were 5000-1 odds.

Headlines are designed to draw in readers like you. Here are some of the best and worst soccer headlines that will surely put a smile on the most prudish of faces.

If your interested in scintillating TV, the six-hour FIFA presidential election is for you!

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