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Major Link Soccer: That Columbus Crew kit though

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Unimaginable horrors can be found in this lucky jersey reject

Kei Kamara tries to hide as much of his kit as possible.
Kei Kamara tries to hide as much of his kit as possible.


Lamar Neagle has made his way over to wrong Washington where he will be pressured to take the place of fan favorite Chris Pontius. Is he up to the task?


MLS has scheduled a press conference at 12pm today to announce something about the 2016 all-star game in San Jose.

The parade of kit unveils continued yesterday with this "unique" Columbus Crew kit. It's almost inexplicable.

NYCFC also unveiled their new kit directly to unsuspecting fans. The club is doing a noticeably better job this year of connecting with their supporters.

You can catch up on all of the kits so far unveiled over at

Liviu Bird has a story on the progress of a partnership between MLS and the French Federation to train MLS coaches.

An inappropriate doodle, Frank Lampard's signature, or both?  You be the judge.


The US Women easily defeated Costa Rica last night by a score of 5-0. It wasn't a particularly competitive match, but it wasn't without highlights.

Alex Morgan scored what appears to have been the fastest goal in US Soccer History

And Christen Press showed off an impressive touch to put the in the final goal of the match.

US Soccer has announced a new set of requirements for obtaining a coaching license that are significantly more challenging than what has been in place.

Is Futsal coming to America? There are some big names involved in the creation of a new national Futsal league. Follow-up question, what is Futsal?

US International Alejandro Bedoya scored a stoppage time goal to send his club through tot he next round of the Coupe de France.