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Five things we learned from single-game tickets going on sale

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Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

It was pretty easy to miss, what with all the attention being paid to the Seattle Sounders' new announcers, but single-game tickets also went on sale Wednesday. Usually, this is a pretty unremarkable event. This year, though, there were a handful of interesting bits.

1. Welcome to dynamic pricing

In years past, tickets cost what they cost no matter what and it didn't really matter who the Sounders were playing. That's not so much the case anymore as the Sounders have introduced dynamic pricing, meaning tickets for some games cost more than others. The most extreme example is the July 9 game against the LA Galaxy, where the cheapest ticket is $65 (more than $75 with fees). (UPDATE: Looks like there have been some price adjustments and there are now tickets for as cheap as $40 for the Galaxy game.) Those same tickets go for $36 the following week against FC Dallas. Word to the wise, before paying the full price you should probably check out the ticket exchange or StubHub where season-ticket holders are selling seats for considerably less in some cases (for instance, you can get tickets to that Galaxy game for less than $55 with fees through StubHub).

2. We have a good idea of the full-stadium games

Based on the tickets that were made available, there's going to be at least five regular-season games with expanded seating. That doesn't necessarily mean the whole stadium will be opened, but it seems like a pretty good bet that it will be. Those five games are June 25 vs. New York City FC, July 31 vs. Galaxy, Aug. 21 vs. Portland Timbers, Sept. 17 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps and Oct. 23 vs. Real Salt Lake. The Club America game on Feb. 23 also has expanded seating. The cheapest ticket for the MLS games is $28, while the cheapest ticket for the Club America game is $35.

3. You'll need season tickets or know someone to get into GA

There aren't any single matches where general admission tickets are being sold. That means you'll either need to buy season tickets -- and you'd need to contact ECS to do that -- or otherwise count on knowing someone. Sure, even after the Sounders did their best to get rid of the ticket-brokers you can still find GA tickets for select games through places like StubHub, but the pickings are pretty slim.

4. Cheap seats aren't that cheap

If you're a budget-conscious person planning to attend more than a handful of games, you should seriously consider getting a half-season ticket package. Both packages will get you nine games for less than $200, or about $22 per game with fees. The cheapest single-game ticket available for any game is $29 and those tickets are only available for the expanded seating games. Otherwise, you're looking at spending at least $35 (about $45 with fees).

5. There aren't that many tickets left

You've probably heard that the Sounders basically sell out every game. Well, that's probably going to be the case again. Outside of the expanded-seating games, there's fewer than a thousand seats remaining for any given game and there's a few where it looks like there might only be a few hundred left.