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Major Link Soccer: David Beckham courts the Qataris

The big money enters the fray in Miami. Brad Evans is doing Brad Evans things. Did St. Louis invent soccer?

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Brad Evans is being peak Brad Evans right now. The reigning club Humanitarian of the Year is teaming up with his wife and Seattle Humane to support Putts for Pets and help raise funds for a Humane facility in Bellevue. You can buy tickets.

When America adopts a sport, America Americanizes that sport. We play by our own rules, literally. You may have heard of the nascent Futsal league and the upcoming Seattle franchise, and here's a more detailed breakdown about the new rules. I think they should change the name to Freedom Ball.

Like so many other American families, the Obamas have made the decision to uproot and move to the Pacific Northwest after Michelle landed a dream job at a law firm in Seattle

Major League Soccer

David Beckham might be rich, but he's not "build and maintain a soccer stadium and fund an entire franchise" rich. So, he's been shopping around an ownership stake in the team. Word on the street is that it's going to be Qatar Sports Investments footing the bill behind the scenes while Becks soaks up the glory.

Gershon Koffie is headed to the New England Revolution to shore up their defensive midfield. The Whitecaps received allocation money and targeted allocation money, but it's a tough loss for Whitecaps fans who lose a good player and a fan favorite.

2016 kits are coming out all over the place, for better or for worse. If there is a monstrously ugly kit, chances are it was based on the home city's flag, those obscure (in most cases) symbols of cities with all kinds of extraneous colors on them. Toronto FC might be the latest to fall victim to this trend.

New England recently released what might be my favorite new jersey of the off season. Before that, The Bent Musket went back and ranked the top Revs kits of all time.

The Burgundy Wave contemplates Denver's big win, and hopes for a day when other Colorado Major League teams can emulate the feeling of support and victory.

With MLS looking for a home in Saint Louis, the public radio station takes a look back at the history of the sport in "America's first soccer capital."

Eddie Johnson sues the Timbers. I'll just leave it at that and you can click the link.

Sacramento Republic FC will continue to be the affiliate of the San Jose Earthquakes for 2016.

If FC Dallas hope to reverse their decline in attendance, transportation to the suburban stadium has got to be subject number one to address. Big D Soccer has some ideas.

Know any Whitecaps fans who want to write about their team? 86 Forever needs contributors after the recent exodus of writers.


How do you get kicked out of the youth development program at Hannover? A good place to start is to hatch a plan to rob a casino with guns and masks, and then nearly go through with that plan.

Anyone who thinks we've seen the last of Sepp Blatter should take a moment to consider that he would probably do pretty much whatever it took to stay in power if he saw an opening.

Manchester United and Jose Mourinho have reportedly agreed on a 15 million pound per year deal to take over at Old Trafford.