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Major Link Soccer: Ticket cost protests continue

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Supporters of competing teams are uniting to fight unjust costs together.

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The World:

Arsenal and Leicester supporters are uniting in another protest of ticket costs this weekend.

Some Leicester supporters have more than local bragging rights riding on their club's final finish.

The country of Mexico is in mourning after Chicharito sustained a leg injury in his latest Bundesliga match. DAMN YOU WERDER BREMEN.

Major Link Soccer:

The Jermaine Jones and New England Revolution break-up is getting increasingly ugly and increasingly public. But at least their players like their snazzy new jerseys.

Speaking of good looks, the Montreal Impact are returning to the Black and Blue stripes from their inaugural season. Damn, the French (Canadians) always have such style:

You know what wasn't a good look? Orlando City fans needing to be told to take it down a few notches last season.

The United States:

If you want to audibly gasp from wherever you are reading this, check out Christen Press's first touch on this goal.

Ben Speas has moved on to Minnesota United after a four year stint with Columbus Crew.

A jack-of-all-trades in rec league mischief was banned from his U-17 team with an incredible body of work.

Sporting KC's USL affiliate Swope Park Rangers began their inaugural season this week.