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Sounders players, fans know how to do Valentine's Day right

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Some of our favorite Sounders-related #soccergrams on this day of love.

So, this Valentine's Day didn't start the way Sounders fans would have liked. But that doesn't mean we should let the whole day go down the drain, right? Right.

The folks on the MLS digital team brought back #SoccerGrams this year, which are €”Valentine's Day cards inspired by MLS clubs, players, and coaches. They asked players and fans to share their best grams on Twitter and Instagram, and the Sounders family didn't disappoint. Here are some of our favorite grams from both players and the larger Eternal Blue, Forever Green community.

Player #soccergrams

Sorry, shut it all down. You honestly can't compete with a cute dog. Don't even try.

Okay, this is super adorable.

Sounders players know how to do social right. Like I said: Dogs = winning.

MORE DOGS. #WrinkleValentinesDay

Soccergrams made by you

It wasn't just the players themselves sending out adorable Valentine's Day tweets. You guys and gals made some fantastic grams yourself.

First, @b_mantle was killin' it yesterday. You can check out all the awesome tweets on over on Twitter, but here are a few of our favorites.

And, we'll file this one under TOO SOON. 

Of course, our very own @likkitp was good for a few soccergrams of his own, which included tacos, puns, and a bit of controversy.

Lots of love for ZSMM.

Likkit is pretty good at puns.


After all that fun, I have to say that I think this Seattle Reign tweet is my favorite Valentine of all. I can't wait for the season to begin.