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Major Link Soccer: Getting to know the Chinese Super League

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Return of the blue links, and Dutch soccer becomes a better place for single straight male fans.

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Not ready to say goodbye to Obafemi Martins just yet? Our friends at The Goat Parade just published a Beginner's Guide to the Chinese Super League. May I recommend supporting Shaolin FC?

Being a uniquely excellent person could earn you a trip to Mexico City with the Sounders.


Perhaps the Colorado Rapids have a little more to be hopeful about in 2016? The team just acquired young defender Eric Miler from the Montreal Impact.

The Impact may not be done making moves, reportedly working on a deal for Harry Shipp. The rumors are concerning for Chicago Fire fans already disenfranchised by poor Fire teams of the past few years.

Orlando City's well-publicized pursuit of Antonio Nocerino may be coming to a close.


The Netherlands always seem to do things a little bit differently. Whether it be sporting that blinding orange to every sporting event or legalizing a certain weed long before the rest of the Western world, the Dutch could be considered trendsetters. I'm not sure if choosing to have players walk onto the pitch with lingerie models instead of children for a recent soccer match will catch on, but I'm sure that women's teams wouldn't mind a reciprocation with the Freddie Ljungbergs of the world.

Leo Messi continues to force casual observers (like myself) pull up the FIFA rulebook page to understand what we just witnessed. Instead of directly taking a penalty kick (like any sane player would do at the highest levels of professional soccer) Messi laid it off from the spot to Luis Suarez. Take a gander below:

For more on the rise of Chinese soccer, we turn to The Set Pieces.

Will FIFA's new boss be any better than its old boss? Probably not.