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Sounders will receive $2 million transfer fee for Obafemi Martins

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Obafemi Martins' is already on a plane bound for Shanghai Shenua and his move could be announced as soon as Thursday, according to a report by Grant Wahl. The same report also suggests the move will be completed for just a $2 million transfer fee.

Although that's about $1 million less than had been previously reported, the net result may be the same for the Sounders. We had previously reported that the Sounders would receive two-thirds of any transfer fee, but ESPN's Jeffrey Carlisle is reporting that they'd receive the whole thing.

That still won't bring in any allocation money, but it is money that can be put back into the Sounders' soccer budget and can be spent on anything from future transfer fees to DP salaries to academy infrastructure or anything else, really.

While that fee pales in comparison to some of the amounts other players have drawn, it does suggest that the Sounders weren't doing much to stand in Martins' way. That could well be because they already know what they want to do with the soon-to-be-opened Designated Player roster spot.