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Major Link Soccer: Preseason ends with Seattle vs. LA

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The Seattle Sounders will finish up their preseason tonight with a friendly against their favorite foe the LA Galaxy.


The Seattle Sounders will wrap up preseason with a closed door friendly against the LA Galaxy in Carson, CA. The game will be streamed live starting at 7 p.m.

Brad Evans is pissed and he is letting everyone know. The Seattle Sounder mainstay do-everything captain feels left out, but that doesn't stop Evans from putting his club first.

The Obafemi Martins saga drags on a bit longer with the inevitable coming sometime this week now that Shanghai Shenhua have a roster spot open. There is at least one player who didn't chase the money like Martins, but there is always another who could be tempted.

Who will fill the hole left by Obafemi Martins, and will Seattle still be considered an MLS Cup contending team?

Major League Soccer

The Montreal Impact have gone mental for coaching by hiring a full time sports psychologist. The Impact have hired Antoine Guldner to talk with the players and see whats going on.

When doing the right thing upsets the fan base. The Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire made some big moves in the past week and if you read between the lines both clubs feel they made the right moves.

Do you remember all the fuss between DC United and Orlando City about Antonio Nocerino? On Monday Nocerino had his contract cancelled by AC Milan which will now allow him to make his move.

U.S. Soccer

It's been a good week for American's plying their trade around the world, but which players made the hot list and which players fell.

Chuck Blazer had a larger than life personality to go along with his look. Blazer's appearance at 400 pounds with his bushy white beard and mane made him look like more like Santa Claus than the swift talking showman he was.

World Soccer

Neymar had his yacht, jet, and several of his homes blocked by Brazilian authorities. The Sao Paulo federal court seized the assets after Neymar was found guilty of not paying $16 million in taxes.

Still smiling with the hopes to clear his name, Michel Platini feels he was "finally listened to."

The next FIFA president will be elected on February 26. The winner will be expected to clean things up and take FIFA into a new era, but how do you do that with all the same people?

Goals of the week:  Volley, Free Kick, and Long Distance