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2015 Player Profile #17: Gonzalo Pineda Reyes

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Goodbye Gonzo, thanks for all the fish.

We enter a section of the player profile series that features players that were great Seattle Sounders for a time, but that time is now gone. Gonzalo Pineda came as a reclamation project. He became a wonderful player, maybe the best #8 the team has seen, but 2015 was not good to him.

Rank: 17 | Age: 33 | Starts: 23 | Appearances: 30 for 2028 minutes | Bench: 15 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 2
all comps, 1st team


A great metronome and wonderful partner with Alonso when he was at his best. Gonzalo made simple, clean passes that opened space for his teammates. A decent creator, but not prolific. Not great at making late runs for goal-scoring opportunities. Unexpectedly poor at set-piece service.


Lacking the lateral movement to defend on ball well, others needed to pick up for his slack. He was still in the proper place when the defense was able to set, but too often left gaps on counters. Was not useful in set-piece situations.


Oft injured, but not often out. Pineda's speed suffered due to age and injury. Not a physical player.

Best Case 2016:

He will be a wonderful commentator/analyst for Univision and I hope he works MLS games.

Bye Pineda, I'll miss you.

Pineda at Heart