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Major Link Soccer: Early positives from Free Agency

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It might not be a perfect system to some, but the Players Union has been pleased with its inaugural results.

Drew Moor is one of 10 eligible players to test free agency waters this offseason.
Drew Moor is one of 10 eligible players to test free agency waters this offseason.
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Major League Soccer

The story of Real Salt Lake fans reaction to Abdoulie Mansally's trade is a reminder to all that some MLS players have just as much a personal impact in their communities as they have an athletic impact on the field.

The early returns of MLS's foray into Free Agency has been seen as a positive for the players union.

The post-Rams fallout in St. Louis has led to increased flirtation with an expansion into MLS. In other expansion news, a large urban village will be added to Minnesota United's St. Paul stadium site.

Fellow SB Nation blog Black and Red United is raising money to help fight children's cancer.

United States

Women's professional soccer may finally be returning to Southern California.

The United States women's team qualified for the Summer Olympics with a 5-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago.

United States prospect and Fulham midfielder Emerson Hyndman may be heading to Manchester United.

The World

Brotherly Game ponders the stability of the Chinese Super League's growing bubble.

Timothy Chandler has fallen down the ranks of Frankfurt's lineup, and even starting XI injuries have not been enough to move him up. Some are attributing it to his participation in the Gold Cup.


In addition to the Best Chef Northwest list, an impressive number of candidates for national James Beard Awards are proof the tastiest food you've ever seen could be in Seattle.