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Major Link Soccer: "Garber's war on authenticity"

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Minnesota got their name stolen by Atlanta United, and it doesn't really make sense to them or anyone else.

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Keep an eye out for Gonzalo Pineda this week after he comes back to the Emerald City to cover the CONCACAF Champions League.

Jeremiah wrapped up the Copa America draw from Seattle's perspective, but Sports Illustrated has a wider view of the intercontinental tournament coming to the USA this year. (GO PERU.)

While technically still with the Sounders, Damion Lowe is currently trialing with Minnesota United. SounderTX chronicled the team's match with the Portland Timbers, which included its fair share of red cards.

The top FIFA player in North America was crowned at the Full90 this weekend, and will now travel to New York for the FIFA World Cup.


It appears that Real Salt Lake will NOT be picking up Jerry Akaminko, according to club GM Craig Waibel.

The revered Bethlehem Steel have returned, and will start the 2016 season with a new supporters section (including a new logo!)

Soccer fans in the Great American North (may or may not be an actual name for the area) think it's pretty crummy that Minnesota United is being asked to choose a new nickname despite predating Atlanta "United" by a full 100+ days. Northern Pitch throws this failure squarely at the feet of Don Garber with the request that he re-embrace "authenticity."

United States

The US Women's 2-0 win over Canada last night wasn't easy to watch (both because it wasn't on a widely available channel and because Canada seemed content to play a different brand of football,) but it became more meaningful than it had any right to (considering that the destinies of each team in the 2016 Olympics were already set in stone.) Mallory Pugh nearly played the entire match and three players took home awards for tournament excellence, including Hope Solo, Crystal Dunn and Morgan Brian.


Things spiraled out of control when Joleon Lescott (accidentally?) tweeted out a picture of a car after a Aston Villa loss. With the club attempting to escape relegation and rumors of Lescott's departure, the image wasn't taken well.

There were a few weird referee instances yesterday. One brought Clint Dempsey to mind when a player presented a referee with his own red card (becoming the fourth player to be ejected from his team for his trouble.) Additionally, I still don't entirely understand what happened in the Borussia Dortmund game.

When everyone sets you up and you forget your line: