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Major Link Soccer: Can world soccer change?

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Transparency, alliances, and promises all part of any presidential election, but for FIFA this election is a chance to see the light and do what is right.

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

World Soccer

After 25 years of corruption, can soccer in the Americas change? With the sweeping criminal charges and a financial crisis, new details show the leaders of soccer in the Americas did more damage than anyone knew.

This Friday, 209 federations will descend on Zurich to cast their vote for a new leader. Alliances and back door meetings are taking place, but will we really see change in FIFA?

Sepp Blatter's new book could be one of facts or... something else. The former FIFA president is preparing to publish a personal account of his near 18 years as the head of football's world governing body. Should make for some interesting reading. (Editor's note: Great bathroom book.)

Carlos Tevez has always had a bit of a bite when it came to playing rough. One goalkeeper recently found that out the hard way.

Current Italian National Team head coach Antonio Conte agrees to take over Chelsea in the summer. Sounds like he wants to see out his contract with Italy by coaching at Euro 2016 before moving to England.


Here's ten things you should know about the Seattle Sounders rookie Jordan Morris, and one special skill.

Did you see an army of "Mobile Ambassadors" last night at the game? According to Geekwire the Seattle Sounders used info from Delta Airlines and Starbucks to create their mobile ticketing app. How did it work for you?

A 2016 season preview for the Seattle Sounders produces one of the truest quotes for a Seattle soccer fan. "No team, barring maybe the LA Galaxy, enters each new season with bigger dreams and higher expectations than the Seattle Sounders".

Champions League

It was a game of two halves for Bayern Munich and Juventus as Thomas "The modest Assassin" Muller and Arjen Robben put Bayern in control before the break, only for Paulo Dybala and substitute Stefano Sturaro to hit back for Juve.

Barcelona left England with an advantage over Arsenal in their Round of 16 clash at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night. Arsenal had moments of brilliance, but the one who sparkled on the night was Lionel Messi thanks to the two goals from the Argentinian.

The Super League has been an idea floating around Europe for more than a decade, will we now see it come to fruition?

Major League Soccer

Leaning on faith and family, and learning to use his feet along the way, Steve Clark of the Columbus Crew has overcome a series of hurdles to become one of the most respected goalkeepers in MLS.

Jermaine Jones has had it with New England, the weather and the way he has been treated by the front office. The USMNT player stated on Tuesday he would take a pay cut to play for a team closer to LA.

S2 had open tryouts over the weekend and as you would expect all shapes and sizes gave it a go, but coach Hendrickson feels they might have found two gems in the coal bin. T2 is taking a different route and grabbing international players from all over the globe.

U.S. Soccer

U.S. Soccer officially announced Tuesday that they will be launching a girls development academy league mirrored after the boys academy league. For some in women's soccer this was long overdue. With the change coming soon the current system for girls faces an "uncertain future".

With the FIFA Presidential vote coming up on Friday, U.S. Soccer is keeping quite quiet. Nine months ago that wasn't the case, but a lot has changed since then.

Americans Abroad: National team players are having a good month overseas helping their teams.

Goals of the week: Calling Long Distance