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Sounders vs. Club América Leg One: Player ratings form

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Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

Some fine individual performances in this match punctuated a great team effort to put up two goals on one of the best sides in North America. The cohesive attack was a pleasure to see this early in the season. Unfortunately, some breakdowns at the other end leave the Sounders on the wrong end of the away-goals tiebreaker rule.

How did Dempsey do without his trusty flipping sidekick? Which of the young subs stepped into their role well, and which looked in over their head? Ratings are back!

Here's the scale:

Blank - player did not play enough to judge
1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance
4 - average USL starter
6 - average MLS starter
9 - MLS All Star
10 - MLS MVP-quality performance